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Small Breakfast   £ 3.90

Sausage, bacon, egg, hash brown, beans, toast or fried bread


Medium Breakfast  £ 5.30

2 Sausages, bacon, egg, hash brown, beans, tomato, mushrooms,

toast or fried bread


Large Breakfast  £ 6.30

2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, beans,

tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, toast or fried bread


Vegetarian Breakfast  £ 4.90

2 eggs, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomato,

toast or fried bread.


(v) Scrambled Egg   £3.50

served with 2 toast - (3 eggs)


(v) Poached egg   £3.50

served with 2 toast - (2 eggs)


Healthy Option Breakfast   £4.90

2 Bacon (With fat cut off before cooking) 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, beans,

tomato, toast.


Extra's   80p Each

Fried Bread, Toast, Bacon, Sausage, Egg (fried, poached or scrambled),

Mushrooms, Tomato, Hash brown, Black pudding, Beans.

Breakfast served All Day All eggs are free range.

Thick cut ham, eggs, chips                                      £ 5.50


Sausage, egg, bacon, beans, and chips                    £ 5.50


3 egg Single Filling Omelettes                            All £ 4.20

Ham Omelette

Cheese Omelette

Mushroom Omelette

Bacon Omelette


Served with chips and salad                                    £ 5.50


Reflections Omelette

With your choice of three fillings                            £ 4.90

Served with chips and salad                                    £ 5.90

Brunch served all day, All eggs are free range. Bread is a choice of Farmhouse White or Granary

Hunters chicken                                                      £ 6.50

 Served with fries and peas


Fresh Battered Fish (Cod)                                       £ 5.90

 Served with fries and peas


Steak and Gravy pie                                              £ 5.90

 Served with mash peas and onion gravy


Chilli,                                                                    £ 5.90

 Served with rice and nachos with sour cream


Chicken and bacon salad                                        £ 5.90

 Served with with our house dressing


Mediterranean vegetable lasagna                            £ 5-90

Served with side salad and garlic bread


Faggots, Mash, Peas and Onion Gravy                     £ 5.90




Main Meals (When you visit don't forget to look at our Specials!!)


 The Classic                                                            £ 5.90

 Beef burger with lettuce, onion and tomato

 Barbeque beef Melt                                               £ 6.90

 Classic burger served with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce

 Spicy Jalapeno                                                      £ 6.90

 Classic burger served with jalapeno sour cream


 Gourmet burger                                                    £ 6.90

 Classic burger stacked with bacon, onion rings and cheese


 Build your own                                                     £ 6.90

 Classic burger topped with 3 extras of your choice


 Cajun Butterfly                                                    £ 6.90

 Butterflied Cajun chicken breast with hot spicy mayo


 Chicken melt                                                       £ 6.90

 Succulent Chicken Breast with Bacon, Cheese and BBQ sauce


 Homemade Vegetarian (v)                                    £ 5.90


 Homemade Spicy Vegetarian (v)                           £ 5.90

Home made 6oz beef and pork burgers are made on the premises and served in a soft bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and fries

Cheese                                                                   £ 3.50


Beans                                                                     £ 3.50


Cheese and Beans                                                  £ 3.90


Chilli and Sour Cream                                             £ 4.90                                                                    £ 4.90


Brie and Bacon                                                        £ 4.90


Tuna Mayo and Sweetcorn                                        £ 4.90

All served with side salad.


• Chicken breast strips with fries and beans


• Home-made beef burger served in a soft roll with fries


• Fish fingers served with fries and beans


• Sausage, fries and beans


• (v) Macaroni cheese pasta


• Cheese and tomato toastie with fries


All Meals Only £3.95

All children's meals come with a squash and soft whippy ice cream.


 Fries                                                                  £ 1.50

 House salad                                                        £ 1.90

 Onion Rings (6)                                                   £ 1.90

 Garlic Bread (3)                                                  £ 1.90

 Cheesy Fries                                                       £ 2.00

 Cheesy garlic bread                                             £ 2.20

 Curly fries                                                          £ 2.00

Bacon and Brie


Ham, pineapple and mature cheddar


Sausage, fried onions and tomato relish


Mature cheddar, tomato and onion


Tuna sweetcorn mayo and cheddar


Panini on it's own                                  £ 4.90

Panini served with fries and side salad  £ 5.90



Sausage Sandwich or Bap                                   £ 2.90


Bacon Sandwich or Bap                                      £ 2.90


Fried Egg Sandwich or Bap                                £ 2.90


Egg Mayo and salad                                            £ 2.90


Cheddar, Tomato and Onion                              £ 2.90


Tuna, sweetcorn and Mayo                                £ 3.90


BLT                                                                      £ 3.50


Spicy Cajun Chicken With salad and spicy mayo         £ 3.90


Thick Cut Ham with salad & mayo                           £ 3.90



All sandwiches are served with a choice of granary, wholemeal or white bread and are made fresh to order


Toffee and vanilla cheese cake                             £ 2.90

 Luxury chocolate fudge cake                               £ 2.90

 Deep filled apple pie                                          £ 2.90

 Chocolate brownie ice cream sundae                  £ 2.90

All deserts can be served with a choice of soft whippy ice cream or cream

t: 023 8077 8878

e: info@CafeReflections.co.uk

25 Shirley High Street Southampton. SO15 3NL


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